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Erectile dysfunction

How To Improve Sexual Power – Max Ayurveda

Drop in sexual libido is what a lot of men experience with age. There are several ways to boost male sexual libido or sexual drive normally through simple changes in lifestyle. Routine workouts may...
Sexual Problem
Common Sexual Problems found in Men and Women

Common Sexual Problems in Men – Max Ayurveda

Due to hectic work style, onset of various diseases, increased family responsibilities, stress, excessive uses of pesticides on food items, pollution etc leads to the sexual weakness after the age ...
Sex After 45s and Lack of Libido
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Sex After 45s and Lack of Libido

For men, sex over 45 means having a healthful and robust libido. Lots of men’s find that as they approach their 45-50th year, and pass it, the sexual libido decreases - however, it doesn't have to ...
Lack of Libido in Women
lack of libido

Lack of Libido in Women

Not enough sex drive also referred to as insufficient sexual libido, is typical in women, but rather rare in guys. It is been estimated that millions of ladies, worldwide, suffer with what physicia...