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Common Sexual Problems in Men – Zara Ayurveda

Due to hectic work style, onset of various diseases, increased family responsibilities, stress, excessive uses of pesticides on food items, pollution etc leads to the sexual weakness after the age of 45s resulting early discharge, erection problem etc
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Common Problems found in Men: 

  1. Premature Ejaculation or Early Discharge:

Premature ejaculation or early discharge can be considered as one of the most common male sexual problems, which means the ejaculation too quickly during sex. It can be the uncontrolled or short duration after penetration within 2 minutes. This leads to unsatisfactory sex for both the partners and can increase the anxiety.

  1. Erectile Dysfunction :

Erectile dysfunction is when a man has persistent problems achieving and\/or sustaining an erection. Erection dysfunction could make sexual activity impossible without treatment. Erection dysfunction refers particularly to difficulties attaining or maintaining an erection. 

  1. Lack of Libido:

Simply said, sexual libido is a man's wish to have sex. The desire feeling it has a way to convey itself in the material part of our life as an erection. The overall decline in a man's physical fitness, diminished testosterone production & nitric oxide production linked to lack of Libido. This leads to unsatisfied sexual life.

  1. Oligospermia:

Terms oligospermia refer to semen with a low concentration of sperm and is a common finding in male infertility. Often semen with a decreased sperm concentration may also show significant abnormalities in sperm morphology and motility

  1. Nocturnal Emissions

It is known as involuntary semen discharge without orgasm, and it leads to psychosomatic complaints with headaches, concentrations, giddiness and excessive sweating. It takes place during sleep.

  1. Sexual Weakness After Age of 45

Due to hectic work style, onset of various diseases, increased family responsibilities, stress, depression, excessive uses of pesticides & herbicides on food items & fruits , pollution etc leads to the sexual weakness after the age of 45s resulting early discharge, erection problem , lack of libido or lack of desire for sexual intercourse, which further leads to unsatisfactory sexual life.

  1. Impotency:

Defined as mainly psychogenic in nature, this medical illness is well related to anxiety & stress, leading to decreased sexual performance.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

In Ayurveda science, herbal formulations for curing different sexual problems such as early discharge or premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction etc are clearly mentioned in ayurvedic books, scriptures & Granth. There are certain herbs & minerals such as Safed MusliAshwagandhakaunch beejShilajitAkarkara, Gokhru, Jaiphal, Salabmishri, salabpanja, Kesar, Ahiphena or Opium (  Purified and processed Papaver somniferum )  etc are being used from ancient times & was used by kings of the kingdom to control & cure of different sexual problems. These are the natural herbs and contains no chemicals. The best part of this therapy is that there is no chance of side effect. These formulations should be in proper doses & Products must be approved by the department of AYUSH, Govt of India. 

Zara Ayurveda has formulated various products for the cure of sexual problems such as Zara Musli Special (for 45+ men), Zara Musli Premium and Zara King Premium which have the main ingredient of Safed Musli (White Musli), Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej (mucuna pruriens), Shilajit, Gokhru, Akarkara(pyrethrum), Jaiphal, Amalaki etc. 

Free Online Consultation 

Zara Ayurveda is also providing FREE ONLINE CONSULTATION through qualified & well experienced Ayurvedic doctor. You may also consult our qualified doctors at whatsapp( +918288964305 ) OR email ( ) OR telephonic conversation at +918288964305Our qualified doctors will give you advice.

Common Problems found in Women: 

  1. Less or no sexual desire.
  2. Difficulty in reaching orgasm
  3. Intercourse is painful.
  4. Becoming less aroused or lack of it.
  5. Vaginismus (constriction in the muscles of the vagina, thus making the intercourse difficult).
  6. FSAD (female sexual arousal disorder). This can be a complicated problem due to which women may not be able to complete sexual activity. 
  7. Do not like to have sex.
  8. Hypoactive sexual disorder. ( no response or less response to the partner during the sexual intercourse).
  9. Some other problems like loss of sensation, sensitivity in nipples and genitals.

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