Benefits of Safed Musli

7 Health Benefits of Safed Musli

Safed Musli proven to be an extremely valuable addition to natural sexual supplements. It acts as the best herbal medicine to the people who are facing issues like premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. 
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Safed Musli is Valuable Natural Sexual Supplement   

Safed Musli ( White Musli ), also known as chlorophytum borivilianum is just an uncommon plant present in India that's lately proven to be a very valuable addition to natural Aphrodisiac ( sexual ) nutritional supplements. Along with its capabilities as a sexual agent, there are many other health benefits of Safed Musli.

Safed Musli found in various parts of India

The plant belongs to the lily family and is commonly grown in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab & various parts of India. Safed Musli plants stand about one and a half legs high with long, skinny leaves that are deep green and white with tuberous roots. Its outstanding medical properties became an essential staple in bodybuilding supplements.

Popular in Europe, US and Gulf Nations

It includes compounds like 8 hexadecenoic acids, palmitic acid, 3 heptadecanone, methyl pentacosanoate and stearic acid. The ever growing fascination with natural products has boosted the interest in Safed Musli, especially in Europe, the US and nations in the Gulf. With growing popularity around the globe, the plant is continually being studied and tested in new herbal treatments and products. The Safed Musli plant is just traced back to India, where it is being used for several years as a vital medical plant for sexual wellness. The plant continues to be a necessary part of Ayurvedic medicine, treating illnesses from diabetes mellitus to arthritis as well as high cholesterol levels.

7 Key Benefits of Safed Musli

  1. It acts as the best herbal medicine to the people who are facing issues like premature ejaculation and  erectile dysfunction. Along with these, it improves the functionality of reproductive organs.
  2. Safed Musli is a successful aphrodisiac agent, primarily used to enhance sexual power. Along with this, it notably used for individuals with low sperm count and low libido.    
  3. It is considered as the best medicine for infertility and increases sperm count, semen volume, and fertility.
  4. It works as an energy booster and makes the human immune system stronger.
  5. Safed Musli is considered as a cure for diabetic patients and generates insulin in the body of diabetic patients.
  6. Along with men, it also helps women for sexual pleasure. It prevents the vagina from dryness and helps with libido and frigidity.
  7. It acts as the essential supplement  for strengthen the bones & muscle of the body & best herbal & Ayurvedic herb for Bodybuilding.

Incredible Sexual Power Booster

Literature lionizes Safed Musli as a wonder plant with Sex powers. Some of this literature contains Rasendra Sarsangrah, Bhavaprakash nighantu and Raja Ballabh Nighantu where the plant is recognized as Vajikaran (sexual) significant.

Saponins is the key element in Safed Musli

The underlying advantages of the Safed Musli plant are the saponins within. Saponins are found in the roots and also have tremendous therapeutic abilities. Their name is just derived from the Latin word for Soap which pertains to the frothy nature of saponins when they're along with water. Saponins contain natural medical properties that promote health. Saponins also contain qualities that fight bacteria, protozoa and fungi.

Lately, research on how a saponin found in Safed Musli impact testosterone has shown traces of stigmasterol as well as hecogenin. Both of those components are perfect elements for natural bodybuilding products. Stigmasterol shares a comparable structure to testosterone. 


Safed Musli Extract vs Powder 

Safed Musli is available in the market in two forms i.e. Extract & Powder. Please understand that Safed Musli extract are prepared from Safed Musli powder in the ratio of 5:1 or 10:1 i.e. 1 kg of Safed Musli extract is prepared from 5 kg or 10 kg of Safed Musli powder. Therefore, Safed Musli extract is 5 times or 10 times more effective than Safed Musli powder because in the extract all the useless materials & impurities are thrown out and contains only saponins & alkaloids.  Therefore, Safed Musli extract is recommended for use as compared to powder.  . 

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