Ayurvedic herbs for liver health

Ayurvedic herbs for liver health

As we live in a time and age where sedentary lifestyle has become a part of the normal, one needs to worry how this is damaging their health and what steps need to be taken to repair the damage caused so far. One of the organs of the body is harmed the most with this lifestyle is the liver.

There are many cures to heal a damaged liver, but a natural remedy always shows prominent results. And one of those natural remedies is an age old ayurvedic herb called "kutki".


 What is kutki?
It is one of the oldest medicinal plants traded from the Karnali zone. Known as kutki or कुटकी in Nepali, it is a perennial herb and is used as a substitute for Indian gentian (Gentiana kurroo). Many of its users have testified to its amazing healing benefits of .not just the liver, but also the heart.

Now imagine, if this powerful herb was combined with some other powerful ayurvedic herbs to heal your damaged liver, and which gave you no side effects. The product we are talking about is the Livi Dr - Ayurvedic Liver Protection Product by Max Ayurveda.
This magic pill bottle is trusted by many loyal users worldwide and promises to cure all liver diseases. Some of the herbs that are used in this medicine are kalmegh, kutki, triphala, guggul, Chitrakmool, Shilajit and Neem.

So go ahead and take charge of your health and get yourself this amazing product that is packed with natural herbs. You will not be disappointed.

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