Ayurvedic approach to Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

Ayurvedic approach to Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

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Ortho Guru Oil + Capsules

Combo for Joint and Muscular Pain


Ayurvedic approach to Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment


Heal arthritis pain naturally


Have you been suffering from frequent and severe joint pains, taking medications to relieve the pain, but to no avail?


The condition is called Rheumatoid Arthritis, which is very common however the pain it causes cannot be dismissed. Not only that, it also causes your hands, feet, etc. to deform, making it look something like this:


More often than not, the solution to such diseases that cannot be cured with a pill or a drug can be found in ancient herbs, naturally, such as the Ortho Guru Oil + Capsules Combo for Joint and Muscular Pain.


Max Ayurveda Ortho Guru Oil best oil and has many benefits like give relieves Old Age Arthritis, relieves rheumatoid arthritis & relieves strain (over stretched muscles). Ortho Guru relief oil give relief from aches, painful muscles, back pain and knee pain. Remedy for home use which keeps you healthy and relief you from all muscle pains. Helps improve blood circulation and relaxation. You can also use this as a full body massage oil to refreshingly relax both body and soul.


Ortho Guru Oil  is an Ayurvedic joint pain relief oil created using 9 oils, enhanced by Nirgundi Extract in a bid to offer relief from muscular, joint as well as arthritic pain. As per the ancient Indian medical science of Ayurveda, pain or Shoola, is caused as a result of the vitiation of the Vata Dosha. Nirgundi helps diminish this effect by working as a vata shamakdravya, owing to its hot potency. This special oil for muscle pain proves to be rather effective in offering relief from vascular headaches caused due to migraines, pain related to orchitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and osteoarthritis. This pain relief oil helps in reducing congestion, inflammation, and pain. It is an effective remedy to treat anal fissure as it tones the area by improving poor blood circulation. When applied to the affected area and massaged gently, this Nirgundi Joint Guard offers instant relief from pain. This pain oil works best when used in conjunction with Ortho Guru Capsules .

Some of the testimonials of this product have raved about it and said their pain was relieved with continued use. Stop your suffering and start using this oil + capsules combo and go on those early morning jogs to see the sunrise.


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